Cindy Jacobs

About me

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each student is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow emotionally, physically and socially.

I believe that every classroom is a living community and that all students are individuals and that all students learn in their own unique way.

I believe my role as a teacher is to assist each student in developing their own potential and learning style.

I like to use multiple methods of teaching to reach each student so that all students can grow and succeed, so that no student feels left behind.

Why I Love Teaching At HOPE Youth Ranch?

This is my first year working at Hope Youth Ranch. It has been such a great blessing to be able to work at Hope Youth Ranch.  I love being able to teach students who are so unique in their own ways. I love the inspiration that Hope Youth Ranch shows to the students and their families and also to their staff.  I love that we are able to worship and praise God at Hope Youth Ranch.

I love the way Hope Youth Ranch makes every student, families and staff feel welcomed and loved when entering through the campus gates.  I love the safety that Hope Youth Ranch provides for the students and staff.  I love being able to come to work and see the smiles on the students face each day. I have loved watching my students grow from being scared of the horses, to see the excitement of being able to go to Horsemanship every week. I am so blessed in many was to be able to work at Hope Youth Ranch.  Thank you Hope Youth Ranch for allowing me the opportunity to work with such wonderful students, families and staff.


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