Marta Lespier

Assistant Principal

About me

Marta M. Malave-Lespier

My name is Marta M. Malave-Lespier. I chose to be a teacher because it was God’s plan for my life. Before I realized that, I completed a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Criminal Justice and one of my jobs was to work in the psych ward of the juvenile jail as a mental health worker and case manager. When the direction of my life led me to become a teacher, I had the opportunity to go to Pensacola Christian College. There I was trained to teach Abeka curriculum and establish a strong and effective classroom management. I have taught in Christian schools and in children church for twenty-two years. I have been the Children Ministry Coordinator for nine years and an Assistant Principal for seven years.

My Philosophy of Teaching

I believe every child is a gift from God and they have a purpose and a plan for their life. I believe they have the potential to achieve more than we can imagine. As a teacher, I believe it is my responsibility to provide the tools and the environment for a student to become successful. I believe we as teachers have a small window of time given to us to be in the lives of our students and we must make the most of it to teach, inspire and prevent our students from giving up. As an Assistant Principal, it is my duty to exhaust every method possible to help our students achieve academic success and as a school we must establish a partnership with our parents to achieve that goal together.

The Joy of Working at Hope

It is my honor to serve at HOPE as a Teacher and an Assistant Principal. Here at HOPE our goal is to give our students a new school experience. The philosophy at HOPE is to open its doors and heart to children who need the opportunity to find hope of having a school that would give them a safe environment to learn without judgement, teachers that desire to find out the way students learn and teach them that way, and a community of people who care that every student feel valued and free to be the best they can be. I have been working at HOPE for seven years and every year we have witnessed students blossom into happy students who are excited to come to school to share their day with their friends and feel like winners, because they are experiencing academic success. For this reason, I enjoy waking up every morning to come to school and see what the day brings. It is not work, it is my passion!


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