Maggie Gutierrez

About me


Certified Behavior Specialist

Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts


Worked in a clinic and classroom setting with children on the Autism Spectrum under the supervision and training of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists. Over 6 years at HRLA teaching in the high school level with students with EBD, Autism, and/or other learning disabilities.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to challenge my students to reach their full potential. To never accept the answer of “I don’t know” or “I can’t” as an excuse to not try. I feel it’s important to provide fun, creative opportunities through field trips, plays, and activities in

order to leave lasting memories for them to reflect on for years to come. I believe in exposing the students to the Arts and encouraging creativity and outside-the-box thinking to help to broaden their scope of possibilities. That if they can dream it, work for it, and stick with it, then they can become it. I strive to promote students’ positive self- image by affording them with the opportunity to have a voice in the classroom through in-depth group discussions and activities. My purpose is to provide them with the best possible tools for success through individualized instruction, and a fun, loving, learning environment devoid of bullying or negativity.

Why I Love Teaching At HOPE Youth Ranch?

When you hear that a school is a Christian school, you may think that they say a prayer at some point in the day, they have a chapel of some sort, and that they are probably okay with having a "Christmas break" instead of a "Winter Break"...but Hope Ranch is so much more than that! Every morning, the entire teaching staff meets to pray for each other’s needs, as well as the needs of the students. Our discipline directly reflects biblical principles, and--when our students are having a rough day--it is not uncommon for the entire class to pray for them. Academically, we are always striving to meet the needs of the students using whatever methods have been proven effective, and our administration encourages our input and feedback. Finally--and most obviously--I absolutely LOVE our kids. I love having students for several years so that I can use that experience to forge that bond with them and really hone in on what motivates them. We work hard and we laugh hard...and I can truly say that I LOVE coming to "work" every day!

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