Patricia Anderton

Equine Manager

About me


Patty Anderton is an USEF “R” rated judge as well as a PATH therapeutic riding instructor and a Special Olympic equestrian coach.


Patty has been riding and training horses for 50 years and has 35 years’ experience as an equine professional.  During this time, she produced both USEF Horse of the Year and USEF Pony of the Year as well as facilitating the only Special Olympic Horsemasters team in Florida here at Hope Ranch Learning Academy.  She has been active in the Special Olympic program for 4 years.

Teaching Philosophy

While many people believe students with learning disabilities are limited in their ability to learn independence, I believe, with the use the horses and donkeys, that these students can learn to be independent and successful. I believe in the ability of each student to form a working relationship with staff, volunteers and animals which produces confidence in themselves and therefore, success in their lives.

Why I Love Teaching At HOPE Youth Ranch?

I take great pleasure watching the students’ progress from being led on horseback to eventually controlling a 1000 pound horse by themselves while walking, trotting and cantering. I love to share learning experiences and successes with the students, and I am amazed as I watch students build relationships with the animals, staff and volunteers.  I love to see each student demonstrate their equestrian accomplishments to their friends and family at the yearly horse jamboree.


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